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Pass-Thru Laboratory Refrigerators

These units feature both front and rear door access for applications where the loading and removal of product from both sides of the unit is required.  Pass-Thru units are ideal for clean room and pharmacy IV preparation applications.  
The Plus Series Pass-Thru Refrigerators also feature a microprocessor temperature controller that allows for precise temperature control, recovery and maintenance versus mechanical thermostats. 
Samples and supplies are protected with an extensive package of temperature security and alarm features.  In addition, a large digital display and solution bottle are installed to provide an accurate indication of sample temperatures. 

Lab Research Products is Going Green!  We are an industry leader in providing a variety of Refrigerators and Freezers that are built with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants, R290 or R600a.

Environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants (not containing hydrofluorocarbons) vastly reduce global-warming potential (GWP) while meeting new EPA/SNAP mandates and UL, ASHRAE compliance guidelines.

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