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Plus Series Auto Defrost Stainless Steel Laboratory Freezers (Validation)

The Plus Series Stainless Steel Validation Freezers are performance qualified to help satisfy qualification and validation requirements. These units feature a microprocessor temperature controller and display which allows for precise temperature control, verification and recovery versus mechanical style thermostats. An interior fan driven, forced-draft air circulation system provides excellent temperature uniformity and recovery after door openings. The Plus Series Stainless Steel Freezers are also purpose built for critical cold storage applications, but where built-in data logging functionality may not be a necessity.
Critical samples and supplies are security backed with an extensive package of audible and visual alarms. Auto defrost freezer models have programmed defrost cycles that will reach air temperatures of approximately zero degrees Celcius.
In addition, we provide multi-point temperature mapping via LRP’s NIST traceable data acquisition equipment assuring reproducible operation. if provided with a Requirements Document, LRP will make every effort to fulfill or exceed each condition. 
The all-new temperature display and alarm module offers an array of robust
security features with a monitoring and alarm system that is 100% independent of a
microprocessor temperature controller.
DISCLAIMER: Auto defrost freezers incorporate an electric heater installed on the evaporator that assist in the removal of the frost and ice. Although the heater helps speed up the frost and ice removal, it can raise the temperatures within the freezer.
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