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Stainless Steel Auto Defrost Laboratory Freezers

All Stainless Steel Auto Defrost Stainless Steel Laboratory units are performance qualified to help satisfy qualification and validation requirements. 

Each unit includes:

  • A Microprocessor Temperature Controller which is an adaptive control that seeks out and finds the most efficient temperatures at which to turn on and off the refrigeration system and still maintain set temperatures.
  • Multi-Point Temperature Mapping via LRP's NIST traceable data acquisition, assures consistent, reproducible operational qualifications that should satisfy the most stringent Validation and/or Quality Assurance Team.
  • Accu-Test Quality Control Test Certificates. Every LRP unit is quality and temperature tested at the end of production and before shipping to customer. This double testing helps ensure accurate temperature performance for added product protection.

Lab Research Products is Going Green!  We are an industry leader in providing a variety of Refrigerators and Freezers that are built with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants, R290 or R600a.

Environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants (not containing hydrofluorocarbons) vastly reduce global-warming potential (GWP) while meeting new EPA/SNAP mandates and UL, ASHRAE compliance guidelines.

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DISCLAIMER: Auto defrost freezers incorporate an electric heater installed on the evaporator that assist in the removal of the frost and ice. Although the heater helps speed up the frost and ice removal, it can raise the temperatures within the freezer.

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