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Undercounter Freezers

LRP offers Built-In and Freestanding countertop and undercounter Freezers in a variety of sizes, as well as solid and stainless steel door types.
These models feature either an automatic or manual defrost operating system. For manual defrost units, periodic manual defrosting is required.
The Undercounter Built-In models are designed with a "front breathing" ventilation system, eliminating the need for clearance around the top and sides of the unit; enabling the user to incorporate these units into cabinets and other applications where free space is limited.
The Freestanding Undercounter models require 4" of clearance around back and sides of the unit for proper ventilation.  Improper installation will void the warranty and will lead to temperature maintenance issues, overheating and possible failure.
The Plus Series Undercounter Freezer models offer a Digital temperature display and alarm module coupled with a microprocessor temperature controller pictured below.
The Standard Undercounter Freezer model offers a mechanical thermostat and is intended for general purpose applications only where precise temperature control and maintenance are not essential and there are no requirements for temperature alarms.

Lab Research Products is Going Green!  We are an industry leader in providing a variety of Refrigerators and Freezers that are built with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants, R290 or R600a.

Environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants (not containing hydrofluorocarbons) vastly reduce global-warming potential (GWP) while meeting new EPA/SNAP mandates and UL, ASHRAE compliance guidelines.

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DISCLAIMER: Auto defrost freezers incorporate an electric heater installed on the evaporator that assist in the removal of the frost and ice. Although the heater helps speed up the frost and ice removal, it can raise the temperatures within the freezer.

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